Mobot Lillies-2 copy.jpg

Arslan, Clouds, 2019, Oil on Canvas, 66 x144 inches

Photo by Virginia Harold, courtesy of Missouri Botanical Garden

Nymphs of the Garden: The Water Lilies by Arslan is currently open at Sachs Museum at the Missouri Botanical Garden in Saint Louis. The exhibition is inspired by the water lilies of the Missouri Botanical Garden as well as Claude Monet's Water Lilies paintings.

Due to covid restrictions, the exhibition is open for private visits from August 2020 to March 2021. In the meantime, the Sachs Museum is producing a series of digital offerings featured below, including a virtual exhibition, a video production of the making of the show, as well as a guided meditation tour of the highlight of the exhibition, an immersive installation titled Les Nymphéas: A Different Point of View.

Watch: Guided Meditation Tour of Exhibition Highlight Les Nymphéas: A Different Point of View

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Watch: Virtual Exhibition of Nymphs of the Garden: The Water Lilies by Arslan

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