2018: Haus der Kunst "Lucy MacGillis Recent Paintings" Galerie Andreas Lendl 

2017: Uno nell'Unico Carlo Primieri "C'era una Volta un Frate - Lucy MacGillis" a book of drawings in the 2017 show in Todi on the theme Jacopone

2017: Lu.Fog. Il Messagero "Todi, un Visitatore alla Volta per Vedere la Tela di Iacopone" review of Lucy MacGillis' show curated by Carlo Primieri

2015: Haus der Kunst "Lucy MacGillis Umbria Gemälde und Zeichnungen" Galerie Andreas Lendl

2015: Kulturzeitung 80 Andreas Lendl präsentiert Lucy MacGillis Umbria

2011: Shaw, Keith "Young Artist Captures Textures of Italy" Berkshires Week, Berkshire Eagle

2009: Shaw, Keith "Where Still Lifes Slant and Come Alive" Berkshires Week, Berkshire Eagle July 23 2009

2009: Monachina, Judith "Finding new color from Ravello to Rome" The Berkshire Eagle July 9 2009

2004: Miriam Castelnuovo "Lucy MacGillis L'Essenza del tempo Attraverso la Luce" Galleria Ca'd'Oro

2003: Gillett, Michelle "Seeing in Italian" Berkshires Week, Berkshire Eagle 


2013: Groff, Larry " Interview with Lucy MacGillis" painting blog Painting Perceptions



2018: Lucy MacGillis"That Light" Armory Art Center Palm Beach FL